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Questions About Cost & Insurance

What is the cost of therapy?

What insurance plans do you accept?

Why don’t you accept SC Medicaid as a primary or sole insurance source for ABA Therapy services?

Questions Related to Getting Started

Do I need a referral to start therapy?

We are currently receiving therapy services at another location, but we’d like to receive additional services with your practice. Can we do this?

How long does it take to get services started, and what is your waitlist like?

What is CentralReach, and why do I have to provide my Social Security Number and Driver’s License?

Can I just mail in my intake paperwork instead of filling it out online?

Questions About Locations & Hours

What areas do you serve?

What are your office hours?

Can clinicians come to our home on weekends?

How are community outings scheduled?

Questions About Services Offered

What therapy services do you offer?

What ages do you work with?

Do you work with children who have significant self-harm behaviors or aggressive behaviors?

Do you offer play therapy?

Do you offer mental health counseling?

Is tutoring offered?

Questions About Your Therapy Plan

Why was my child only recommended a certain amount of therapy? We need more!

How are goals created for my loved one?

Questions Related to Our Clinicians

Can I choose my therapist?

Can I meet my therapist before we begin therapy services?

Can we have services in-home, in the community, or via teletherapy if no caregiver is present?

Can your clinicians drive my child to an appointment or community outing?

I have a child with special needs who loves his therapist. Can your clinicians babysit?

What do all the acronyms and abbreviations stand for?

Meet Our Clinicians